Get Connected

Get Connected is designed to help you become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ. As easy as 1-2-3,  you will be led step by step how to discover and reach your destiny through connection and service. Receptions happen immediately after service:  Step 1 on the 1st, Step 2 on the 2nd and Step 3 on the 3rd Sunday of each month and last about 15-20 minutes. Sign up is not required with light refreshments served.

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Step 1 is your starting point at Destiny Church. It happens the 1st Sunday of every month immediately after each service. It’s a 15-minute reception to Destiny Church. You’ll learn about our core beliefs, values, vision and strategy. Learn about Destiny!

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Step 2 is the 2nd Sunday of every month immediately after each service and is a 15-minute time of discovery to learn more about who God has made you to be through personality and spiritual gifts identifying your uniqueness and how it fits into the church body. Find your destiny! Click HERE to download the personality and spiritual gifts assessments.

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Step 3 is a 15-minute gathering to learn how to best get connected to the Destiny Church community. Connection happens through covenant membership, growth and fulfillment that comes from connection in a discussion group and DTEAM service that best fit your gifts and interests. 301 happens the 3rd Sunday of every month immediately after each service.

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Our incredible volunteers are the DTEAM.    DTeamers have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. Our volunteers help in all areas from Cafe to leading the next generation by serving in Destiny Kids- they advance the Kingdom of God: Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere.  This team serves God by serving others. If you desire a life filled with joy, join us.